The Uptown Woods are a hip-hop, jazz infused band that was formed in the fall of 2015.
The group was assembled after countless late nights in Uptown, Pittsburgh. Open jam sessions allowed a free flow of musicians and ideas that eventually evolved into The Uptown Woods. The band members compose and write all original music that express their values and beliefs. This collective seeks to question society’s norms and find true meaning in living with purpose.

“I want to expose my artistic understanding and enhance the efforts of others with my music. As a composer working with other creatives, it is my responsibility to bring a new dimension to the meaning of a project: exploring/reflecting intention, enhancing the experience of the art. In a world driven by content that is consumable, we must create products that reward those who think and question, and encourage others to do the same."




Aaron Blakely is a music composer and producer based in Miami Florida. He grew up in an artistic environment, first playing accordion at age six. Learning a variety of instruments, Aaron turned to composition, writing scores and charts for different ensembles. Soon after, Aaron fell in love with audio production, a means of complete and total sonic control of the final product.
Aaron has released published scores, made music for commercials, worked in a variety of recording environments with songwriters and rappers, composed music for independent film makers, and aspires to integrate his music with visual artists, composing for motion graphics, abstract film and installation exhibits.

Tears of Joy is a power pop band from Pittsburgh formed in 2015 by drummer Jake Leya and singer/guitar player Evan Kadan.
Jake is a former child star who drummed for band of local fame: The Options. Evan is a conspiracy theorist and art song composer whose Soundcloud has over 6,000 plays. TOJ focuses on: minimalism, nihilism, examining various perspectives, moral relativity, introspection, and the dissemination of spiritual energy through sonic hypnosis. We are open to endorsements.

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Writing songs since he was only 13 years old, William Sparks began playing shows during his high school years and decided early into college that writing and performing is what he wanted to do with his life. He soon after delved into the recording process of his best songs. They were mixed and mastered over the course of 2016 and into 2017. He is currently at work on his full length LP. Stay tuned! 

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Kirby Jayes is a guitarist and songwriter who performs and tours with experimental folk band, Birthrates, as well as curating and presenting monthly intimate performances by Pittsburgh and touring musicians at the Blue Clock Supper Club. Collaboration interests include producing and recording music and music videos, beatmaking and songwriting.



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Austin Ostiguy is the Artistic Director and founder of Flowers for Strangers. Since his graduation from Duquesne University, Austin has settled into the Pittsburgh music scene as a tenacious producer, composer, and performer. He is the Music Director for pop-country artist Justin Fabus, an organist at Concord Presbyterian Church (Carrick) and First Lutheran Church (Downtown), and works with a number of independent artists in the Pittsburgh area. The end goal for Austin is to be a driving force in the progression of art, inspiring more respect for and participation in creative expression. He lives by Richard Wagner's ideal of the “total artwork,” encouraging a collaboration of the visual arts, literature, and music. Austin’s other artistic influences include Andy Warhol, Arthur Schopenhauer, Vincent van Gogh, John Coltrane, and Olivier Messiaen.

The life experiences we have affect us all in different ways but it is how we respond that ends up defining who or what we are. Heavy Chest is a group bathed in catharsis. A response to their collected life experiences. An experimental rock group informed by electronic elements, the four piece seeks an atmosphere of world building where emotion and technology work in harmony, rather than tear each other to shreds. With melodies that are familiar yet just a bit off, rhythms that jump from soothing to abrasive and lyrics that often betray something deeper below the surface, Heavy Chest is an outlet for a unique energy. Music written for ghosts to sing.

Aaron - Drums/Percussion
Zack - Guitar
Keith - Bass/Vocals
Justin - Vocals/Guitar/Electronics

Chase and the Barons bring rock n’ roll back out onto the dance floor, donning paisley ties, brightly colored jeans, and a generally groovy look. Since their formation in 2016, the band has been hitting the Pittsburgh music scene hard with memorable shows, filled with energy and style.

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Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, producer and drummer Ross Antonich (Sesh Ross, Session Ross) knew from a young age that he and music would always have a love affair. Ross is a lover and performer of all musics; his first love being jazz. While maintaining a busy performance schedule, Ross's production style has grown to be idiosyncratic; his sample-based music draws upon genres from all over the world. His production techniques stem from countless hours of study of the great producers of his generation: J Dilla, Madlib, DJ Premier, 9th Wonder, Large Professor, etc. Ross's beat tapes have received positive reviews from critics and the public, and are available online.

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<<< click the pizza to listen to his newest collection: LADIES!

Extravision is alt-folk music made in the name of existentialism, spiritualism, agnosticism, human curiosity and the thirst for learning, the love between friends, the love between strangers, the love between enemies, the mysterious journey of the temporary human, the gift of death and each day leading up to it. 

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Brooks Strause is a singer-songwriter and producer/arranger who lives in Iowa City, IA and makes a lot of music.

Sun in Aquarius, Moon in Virgo, Leo rising. Brooks has made 8 solo records: The Misanthrope and his Doubtful Faith (2007), Dead Animals (2009), Apostatize! (2010), My Foreign Right Hand (2011), Acid Casual (2013), Renaissance Beast (2014), Aeiouns (2014) and The Chymical Wedding of Brooks Strause (coming soon). He plays solo and with his rock and roll backing band, The Gory Details. He is also a member of the aggressive ragtime/dark folk band, The Old Scratch Revival Singers.

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